CCNP Course and Training with Certification

 CCNP Certification.

CCNP certification is one of the most revered certifications. Networking becoming increasingly connected with software and technologies making everything is more efficient. It instantly makes the need for more upskilled and efficient professionals rise. To be able to capitalize on this, professionals need to learn new skills. This is facilitated by certifications like this one, CCNP Enterprise certification holds a strong ground to provide you with in-depth knowledge for the same and also build a base to capitalize on the same. The CCNP course makes one capable enough to put up with the ever-changing landscape of enterprise network technologies. This certification has two parts: the former covers core technologies and the latter covers the candidate’s area of focus. 


The CCNP Enterprise certification course is valid for three years. When a person certifies with  Cisco they have a bag full of resorts to recertify by completing eligible items, through the Cisco Continuing Education Program.
There is no such formal prerequisite, but the candidate must have an obvious understanding of all the topics being covered in the exam. It’s been observed that most candidates that appear for the CCNP certification have an experience of about 3-5 years.
CCNP job prospects:

The CCNP certification tends to open up numerous opportunities. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ prediction both computer and information systems managers and network architects can expect to see a growth of at least fifteen percent between the years 2012 and 2022. Which is pretty high when compared to the rise witnessed by any other job.

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